What is a credit and how does it work?

Buy it once and watch it forever. Our site works on a credit based payment system which allows you to unlock and view full uncensored photo galleries and videos one at a time. You simply purchase a package of credits and then redeem the credits for photo galleries and videos. All purchased content will remain unlocked to view anytime on any device. You are only billed once when you purchase your credits so there in nothing to cancel.

What is the "cloud" and how does it work?

Nothing to cancel, nothing to hide. It's on the cloud! This site uses a cloud based storage system which allows you to access your unlocked photos and videos from any computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world! You won't be dependent on hard drives and endless backup devices, nor will you ever have to worry about losing access to the files. All of your content is stored in the "cloud" and accessible to you anytime. Stream videos instantly from any PC, tablet or mobile device!

Can I preview content for free?

Yes! Every single photo gallery and video on the entire site can be previewed for free. Simply click on any photo gallery or video thumbnail to see more. Every video has a 30 second preview and each photo set has a large preview photo. Nothing is hidden and no endless tour pages, just lots of muscle girl photos and videos for you to enjoy. See exactly what you get before you join!

How do I unlock a photo gallery?

On each photo gallery preview page you will find an “Unlock” button. Simple click it and confirm your purchase and the full uncensored gallery will be unlocked and yours to view anytime. When logged in a list of your unlocked content is available on the Your Stuff page.

How do I unlock a full length video clip?

At the end of each preview clip just click the “Unlock This Clip” button in the media player or click the “Unlock” button in the video details section to the right of the media player and confirm your purchase. The full length uncensored video will be unlocked to view anytime.

Can I download the photos or video clips?

No. The website is set up on a "cloud" system so all your unlocked photos and videos are available to view from any computer or phone from anywhere without the need to fill up your hard drive.

Do the photos and video clips contain nudity?

Yep. Some do! Look for a "Yes" next to "Topless" in the photo gallery or video description on the preview pages.

How much does it cost?

Credits are as little as 25 cents each! The more credits you buy the cheaper they get and they will never expire. Once unlocked the photos and videos are yours to keep and view whenever you'd like. It takes between 2 and 8 credits to unlock each photo set or video.

Can I use my credits for the webcams?

No. The webcams are hosted on a separate domain and you will need to sign up for an account to enjoy the unlimited free rooms and join paid chats.

Do the unlocked videos have the slide up ads?

No. Once you purchase credits the all the ads go away!

Why can’t I see any video?

You need the latest Flash Player to view the videos. Click here to download the newest version of Flash for Mac or PC.

How often will new content be added?

New galleries and video clips will be added each week.

Can I remove a photo set or video after I unlock it?

Yes. But you will not get your credits back. That feature is just to keep your account clean of stuff you don't want anymore.

What do I do if I’m having a problem?

If you experience any problems, please contact us and we’ll help you out!

Can I submit my content to sell on the site?

Yep. If you are a model or photographer with sexy female muscle photos or videos please contact us and we'll get you signed up!

How do I contact your authorized sales agent CCBill?

Simple click here to visit the CCBill website.

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