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Suzy Kellner

  • Location: Hungary
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Ethnicity: Hungarian
  • Body Type: Female Bodybuilder
  • Favorite Food: McDonald´s & chinese food
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About me
My name is Susanna Kellner. In 2004 I met with my fitness trainer Istvan KOKO and he said that I have a great physique for competing in the fitness division. So I started to train as hard as I can, and only one year later, I finished on the second place on the Hungarian Fitness Championship.

In 2006 I met in the gym with Krisztina Sereny, fitness European Champion, and her husband and trainer Gabe David, and this meeting changes my life completely. They said I have to go with them to the Wold Championship on November, 2006. On that contest my dream came true. I finished on the 4th place.
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